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How to Perfectly Apply Eye Makeup

Authored by Bobbi Brown

Makeup Artist

Putting on makeup is an individual way to make yourself feel better about how you look. While there are no exact rules for everyone, Bobbi Brown provides her experience as a professional makeup artist to help you look like the best version of yourself.

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Applying Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

You’ll need three colors: a light color, a medium color, and the darkest color. The type of eyeshadow can be whatever you prefer—powder, cream, shimmer, pencil, etc.

Blend the lightest color all over the lid.

This lightens a bit of the eyelid and takes out all the oil.

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Depending on your skin tone, the color can range from white/bone/ivory for fair skin to warmer tones for medium skin and deeper tones for dark skin.

Apply the medium color from the lash line three-quarters of the way up.

Use a color and formula that’s easy to blend. Apply it close to the lash line, then go three-quarters of the way up to create depth and bring out the eye.

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Flat eyeshadow is also known as matte eyeshadow, and some are very dry and don’t blend easily. Make sure yours blends easily into the skin.

Apply the darkest color for eyeliner.

Have the eye closed, but gently pull up the lid so you can get right into the lash line. Start thicker on the outside and gently go in so it almost tapers off. Go over this a few times, then go a little bit lighter underneath the eye so it isn’t so intense.

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Stick with brown, black, or navy (not blue) eyeliner. The color should enhance the eyes, not distract from them, and eyeliner is what makes the eye stand out more so than eyeshadow.

Do the same to the other eye.

Be sure to stop and look as you build to make sure they match.

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If you have excess eyeshadow on your brush, remove it by tapping or blowing on the brush. Otherwise, always use a cotton swab—the wooden ones are stronger and less likely to blend—before any kind of eye makeup remover to avoid making a mess.

Add a bit of sparkle if desired.

Sparkle or shimmer can be used during the day for a bit of fun—it isn’t just for evening or black tie.

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Applying Mascara and Curling Lashes

Apply two to three coats of black mascara.

Keep your eyes open, and hold your eyelid to protect the eye. This prevents getting mascara in your eye if you blink. Separate their lashes as you apply the mascara.

Did you know?

The type of lashes you have is usually determined by the hair on your head. People with a thick head of hair often have thin lashes, and people with coarse hair often have great, super-curly lashes.

Line the bottom of the eye, if you prefer.

It’s not usually necessary, but if you choose to line the bottom lashes, make sure the application is much softer than the top.

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Use a spoolie to separate lashes that get stuck together. They’re an all-around useful tool that can also be used for eyebrows, and clean ones can even be used to remove chia seeds that get stuck between your teeth.

Curl the lashes as they dry.

You don’t need an eyelash curler—simply hold the lashes upward so they’ll curl as the mascara dries.

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Your Eyebrows

It’s up to you whether you prefer to do your eyebrows before or after you put on your eyeshadow and mascara. You can also use any material you prefer, though it’s preferred to use the same shadow as your eyeshadow or slanted pencils made specifically for eyebrows that are slanted and have a nice spoolie on the end.

Start at the inside of the eyebrow.

Use the whole eyebrow. Brush up, fill in, and use the eyeshadow to create a shape that makes the eye stand out.

Create your eyebrow’s arch around three-quarters of the way to the outside of your eye.

Frame the eye, and make sure both eyebrows match.

Fix anything that looks overdone.

You can use powder to soften a brow that’s gone too dark, use a spoolie to remove or blend in excess makeup, or bring in some face powder to make it look more diffused.

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